Help for Resizing Images

Often images are too big to upload them. So the only way is to scale them down with an image editor. In this small manual we are going to show you how to do so. For this purpose we will use the free software IrfanView. But it also possible to do this with almost every other graphics program around like Gimp, MS Paint, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

After installing IrfanView you start the program. By clicking on the menu item "Options" and then "Change Language" you can select your desired language. If necessary you have to download it first.

Now you can open the image, which should be scaled down. Select the menu item "File" and "Open" and a window opens. Here you choose the image and click on the button "Open" to load it.

You are able to scale the image by clicking on the menu item "Image" and "Resize/Resample". A new window opens. As new image size you enter the specifications from the form. See that the option "proportional" is selected and that neither height nor width exceed the maximum values. After setting all options just click on the button "OK". Now your image is scaled down.

Finally the only thing left is to save the resized image. For this purpose click at the menu item "File" and "Save as...". Select "JPEG" as file type, adjust the quality setting to 9/10 and click the button "Save".

Now your scaled down image is ready for upload.